Our first project explores the seminal dishes of Omaha chefs.

I invited chef's to drop by my studio to create a dish that was important to them. Something grandma used to make that inspired their love affair with food. A dish that inspired a concept, a menu, or even a philosophy. A dish that helped make them who they are today. Every person I collaborated with had a completely unique story. Some of the folks are restaurant owners, some are writers, graphic designers, teachers, and students. The common thread is that they are all extremely passionate about food. 


Clayton Chapman

When Clayton said he wanted to re-create his grandma's cranberry fluff salad, I smiled and nodded like I was part of a secret club. His version elevates the fluff salad to art.

colin duggan

I've known Colin since we were young and have always admired his passion for his craft and his determination to succeed. This story is about a spark that ignited a new philosophy about cooking.

andrew Wettengel

Grandma's secret chicken soup gets paired with an over-the-top muffuletta sandwich recipe imported by Italians from New Orleans that came to Omaha for the College World Series.  

jason olsen

Jason's dad told him at a young age that if he could learn how to make this dish, he could make anything. So here we are 30 years later and I'm super happy his dad taught him this dish.

John Jelinek

One of the first things John pointed out is that every recipe in his family is made for at least 30 people. Truly a labor of love, this fourth-generation salad is equally the star of the luncheon or backyard bbq.


Guarded depression-era recipe handed down multiple generations, but never ever shared outside of Sarah's family until now. Truly a fantastic story and delicious treat that will make you smile. 

AJ Swanda

Fresh pasta made by hand and then extruded through a vintage brass pasta extruder that has a story all it's own. Pair that fresh pasta with some spicy oxtail sugo and we've got something real.

Summer Miller

Summer weaves a heart-warming narrative as she creates a simple, beautiful, and rustic apple cake. I'd be very surprised if you didn't make a dash for your kitchen after viewing this story.


A retired Air Force veteran wants a change of scenery and discovers his passion for charcuterie at a cooking school in a remote part of Ireland while perfecting his scone recipe. Can't make that up.


cassandra bingle

This dish was created and perfected by Cassandra for a collegiate team culinary competition. An inspired dish perfectly executed by a very skilled and passionate young chef.


tim nicholson

This is way more than just a dish to Tim- it represents a new-found way of looking at the marriage between local ingredients and classic techniques to create something new and special.

Travel with chefs through the heartland as they explore the diverse landscape and connect with the farmers, ranchers, and growers to create the ultimate farm to table experience.


Currently documenting stories all over the great state of Nebraska...here is some recent footage: